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Municipal issues

Estado de MexicoTemascaltepec

Administración de Rentas Municipales

Temascaltepec 5c

Temascaltepec 5c reverse

  series from to total
5c A         includes numbers 775 to 1057CNBanxico #4670


A 5c note from the Administración de Rentas Municipales, issued as a result of an agreement between the town council (ayuntaminto) and the Jefe de Armas made on 7 October 1914[text needed]. It has the two handstamps and the signatures of [       ] and Rodríguez Flores on the face and another handstamp and signature on the reverse.

 [identification needed] sig Temascaltepec 1
Rodríguez Flores sig Temascaltepec Flores
 [identification needed]  sig Temascaltepec 3


Tenango del Valle

Tenango del Valle is a town 25 kilometres south of Toluca. We have a series of notes (5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $5) issued in 1915, by the Jefatura Política del Distrito. The Zapatistas held Tenango until 18 October 1915 when the Carrancistas retook itThe Mexican Herald, Año XXI, No. 7,334, 19 October 1915, so this is probably a Zapatista issue, but note that the incoming Carrancistas made an issue in nearby Sultepec in November.

Tenango 5c

Tenango 5c reverse

Tenango 10c

Tenango 10c reverse

Tenango 20c

Tenango 20c reverse

Tenango 50c

Tenango 50c reverse

Tenango 1

Tenango 1 reverse

Tenango 5

  from to total
5c 1       includes numbers 12CNBanxico #11460 to 63
10c  1       includes numbers 2 to 63CNBanxico #11461 
20c  1       includes numbers 53 to 120  
50c  1       includes numbers 49CNBanxico #4676 to 60  
$1  1       includes numbers 15 to 135CNBanxico #11464 
$5 1       includes number 8


The monogram on the reverse is 'EMZ' standing for [                                           ].

El Oro

Oro Correo 5c

  series from to total
5c B         includes number 64


A 5c note dated 29 April 1915 from the Administración de Correos in El Oro.