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Possible Tesorería General 5c and 10c notes

There are several references in the state's Archivo Histórico to low value notes. Unfortunately the references are just summaries in an index rather than the original documents and so give limited information.

In December 1913 the Jefe de Armas de Sinaloa asked for authorisation to issue boletos of 5c and 10c centavosAHS, Ramo Gobernacion, December 1913, exp. 7. The summary says ‘Boletos de “cinco” y “diez” centavos’. Does this imply that the notes were to have the denomination fully spelled out?.

In March 1914 Carranza was asked for authorization to issue ‘Vales provisionales de cinco y diez centavos'AHS, Ramo Hacienda, March 1914, exp. 36.

In June it was reported that ‘vales de cinco centavos’ were sent to the Tesorero General as the side which should have had an image of the eagle were blankAHS, Ramo Hacienda, June 1914, exp. 11 and that Carranza was asked to authorize an issue of moneda fraccionariaAHS, Ramo Hacienda, June 1914, exp. 29½.

It appears that the state was not willing to go ahead without Carranza’s approval.