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Signatories on Bradbury Wilkinson and de la Rue Banco de Londres, México y Sud América notes


William Anastacius Jones  
Joaquín de Mancha  
Juan Henderson  
Frederick Harrison was president of the London and Coiunty Bank and an original promoter of the Banco de Londres, México y Sud-América.  


William Thomas Morrison sig Morrison
Robert Geddes sig Geddes


[identification needed] sig contador Sudamerica
Santiago (James) Wastall was manager of the branch of the Banco Nacional de México in San Luis Potosí in 1882 and manager of the Chihuahua branch by July 1886 when he was given a leave of absenceEl Siglo Diez y Nueve, 7 July 1886. He went on to be director gerente of the Banco de San Luis Potosí from its founding until his death on 15 March 1899El Estandarte, 17 March 1899; El Popular, 19 March 1899; El Correo Español, 21 March 1899.  sig Wastall