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$5 notes of the Banco Nacional de México (1885-1905)

(To date I have not expended much energy on reconstructing the tables for the Banco Nacional de México because in the archives of the Banco de  México is a register Actas de Emisión No 1 which records, over 299 pages, 145 meetings of the board from 25 August 1885 to 30 April 1918. These includes 126 lists of dates of issues, covering 51 different dates from 1 January 1885 to 11 December 1913José Antonio Bátiz Vázquez, "Los Billetes de Banamex", in El Boletín Numismático, vol. 183, April-June 1999. I hope that one day I will be able to summarise this record.)

Nacional 5 M2 4027234

Nacional 5 M2 4027234 reverse

Date issued Date on note Serie Serie from to Consejero Cajero Interventor Interventor comment
 26 August 1885 1 January 1885 CH   00001     Usandizaga
Romero Rubio
Zenteno  10,000 notes for Chihuahua overprinted Pagadero en Chihuahua
  M     de Mier includes number 007232 overprinted PAGADERO EN CHIHUAHUA and needlepunched CHIHUAHUA
  P   10000 Pugibet includes number 009564 overprinted PAGADERO EN CHIHUAHUA and needlepunched CHIHUAHUA
27 August 1885 G   10001 20000   10,000 notes for Guadalajara
 28 August 1885 L   20001 30000   10,000 notes for San Luis Potosí overprinted Pagadero en San Luis Potosi and needlepunched San Luis Potosi
G2   30001 34000   4,000 notes for Guanajuato
M   34001 38000   4,000 notes for Mérida
30 August 1885  V   38001 58000   20,000 notes for Veracruz
31 August 1885 P   58001 68000   10,000 notes for Puebla
  M2   68001 119000   50,999 notes (one missing)
  1 January 1888 M2 P9     de Prida Usandiraga  Romero Rubio  Zenteno  includes number 185404CNBanxico #10488  
  1 October 1889                  
  1 March 1890 M2 R12             includes number 235751
  1 August 1890                 known overprinted Oaxaca
  1 December 1890 Z K     Camacho Usandiraga Romero Rubio Zenteno includes number 272836CNBanxico #10551 overprinted PAGADERO EN ZACATECAS
  M2 Q13     Palaez includes number 286554CNBanxico #10489
   V T13     de Teresa includes numbers 302250 to 303523 overprinted PAGADERO EN VERACRUZ and needleprinted VERACRUZ
    E13     A. Escandón includes number 309691CNBanxico #10549 overprinted VERACRUZ
            known overprinted and needleprinted Monterrey
  1 March 1895 M2 E14     A. Escandón Usandiraga Romero Rubio Zenteno includes number 331776CNBanxico #10490 
  1 April 1896 M2 S     Sauto Usandiraga  Escobedo Zenteno includes number 363619CNBanxico #10491  
  8 August 1896 M2 C15     Cuevas Usandiraga  Escobedo  Nuñez includes number 375862CNBanxico #10492 
  26 July 1897 M2                
  1 July 1901 M2 B2     Bermejillo Pereda Nuñez  de León includes number 673482CNBanxico #10544 overprinted TEZUITLAN
  O3     Ortiz includes number 680178CNBanxico #10493 
  R3     Strück includes number 695384CNBanxico #1672 
  B3     Bermejillo includes number 703652CNBanxico #70975 overprinted MERIDA
  1 April 1902 M3 O5     Ortiz Salas Nuñez Baranda includes number 722923CNBanxico #71003  
   W4     Basagoiti includes number 769783CNBanxico #71002  
  O6      Ortiz includes number 773842 overprinted PAGADO EN COLIMA
      includes number 774406CNBanxico #10533 overprinted OAXACA 
  K6     Camacho
includes number 776192CNBanxico #1755 overprinted GUANAJUATO
      includes number 777321CNBanxico #71004  
  L5     Lavie includes number 723956CNBanxico #10535 overprinted PUEBLA
  R5     Strück includes number 785445CNBanxico #10523 overprinted GUADALAJARA
          includes number 790854 overprinted San Luis Potosi
  B5     Bermejillo includes number 792929CNBanxico #10529 overprinted MAZATLAN
  M5     P. Macedo includes numbers 801379 to  802769CNBanxico #10532 overprinted MONTERREY
  G5     García includes number 814766CNBanxico #10530 overprinted MERIDA
          known overprinted Chihuahua
          known overprinted Colima
          known overprinted Cuernavaca
          known overprinted Durango
          known overprinted Matehuala
          known overprinted Pagadero en Tampico
          known overprinted Veracruz
          known overprinted Pagadero en Zacatecas
  1 August 1902                  
  1 December 1902 M4 R6     Strück Salas      Nuñez Baranda includes number 838693CNBanxico #1673
  M7     P. Macedo includes number 902520CNBanxico #1690
  K9     Camacho includes number 977299CNBanxico #10512 overprinted Aguascalientes
      includes number 978984 overprinted TOLUCA
  E9     J. Escandón includes number 1005118CNBanxico #10520 overprinted COLIMA
      includes number  1006535CNBanxico #10545 overprinted TOLUCA
  L10     Lavie includes number  1034957CNBanxico #10514 overprinted BRAVOS CHILPANCINGO
   B10     Bermejillo includes number  1041313CNBanxico #10524 overprinted GUAYMAS
  S11     Sauto includes number  1095674CNBanxico #10546 overprinted TOLUCA
          known overprinted Morelia
          known overprinted Tantoyuca
          known overprinted Tezuitlan
  1 July 1905                 known overprinted Lagos
                  known overprinted Queretaro
  1 August 1905 M5 R     Strück Salas      Rincón Gallardo Chavero includes number 1129714CNBanxico #1757 overprinted PACHUCA
  G     García includes number 1136659CNBanxico #10534 overprinted PUEBLA
  M     P. Macedo includes number 1159383CNBanxico #1756 overprinted LA PIEDAD
  H     Gavito includes number 1164997CNBanxico #10550 overprinted XALAPA
  G1     García includes number 1187728CNBanxico #10536 overprinted PURUANDIRO
  M1     P. Macedo includes number 1205207CNBanxico #10543 overprinted TEPIC
      includes number 1209699CNBanxico #10522 overprinted CUERNAVACA
  K2     Camacho includes number 1220417CNBanxico #10527 overprinted LAGOS
  N2     Nuñez includes number 1234380CNBanxico #10516 overprinted CD. GUZMAN
  S2     Sauto includes number 1268734
  H3     Gavito includes number 1310319CNBanxico #10528 overprinted LA PIEDAD
  N1     Nuñez includes number 1334475CNBanxico #10537 overprinted QUERETARO
  H4     Gavito includes number 1362940CNBanxico #10539 overprinted SAN ANDRES TUXTLA
  R5     Strück includes number 1376837CNBanxico #1675
  M6     P. Macedo includes number 1455691CNBanxico #70988
  K7     Camacho includes number 1471967CNBanxico #70986
  G7     García includes number 1486715CNBanxico #1754 and 1489100CNBanxico #70984 overprinted C. JUAREZ
  L7     Lavie includes numbers 1490035 to 1493100CNBanxico #10519 overprinted C. JUAREZ
  B7     Bárcena includes number 1500898CNBanxico #1761 overprinted TUXTLA GUTIERREZ
      includes number 1503835CNBanxico #1674
  S7     Sauto includes number 1515664CNBanxico #10513 overprinted AUTLAN JAL.
  K8     Camacho includes number 1524121CNBanxico #1694
  R6     Strück includes number 1526362CNBanxico #10548 overprinted TUXTLA GUTIERREZ
  N8     Nuñez includes numbers 1530019CNBanxico #10538 to 1532801 overprinted RIO VERDE
  L8     Lavie includes number 1541044CNBanxico #10518 overprinted CD VICTORIA
  M8     P. Macedo includes number 1558067
  H8     Gavito includes number 1561321CNBanxico #10531 overprinted MONCLOVA COAH
  R9     Strück includes number 1579271CNBanxico #70987
  N9     Nuñez includes number 1584610CNBanxico #70989
  G9     García includes number 1588527CNBanxico #70985
          known overprinted Autlan, Jal.
                known overprinted Tantoyuca
                known overprinted Tapachula
                known overprinted Tlaltenango
                known overprinted Uruapan Mich.